Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy is applicable to personal data processed by the Brussels Privacy Hub (BPH), an entity of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Brussels, Belgium. It applies both to our website and to our processing of personal data in general.



Data protection and privacy are very important to all of us at the BPH, and we do everything we can to minimize the amount of data we collect and process. Generally speaking, we only process data of individuals who have a direct relationship with the VUB or the BPH (such as students, employees, visiting scholars, people who have contacted us asking for information, etc.). In addition to this policy, as an entity of the VUB located in Belgium we also comply with all policies of the VUB and with Belgian law.



We do not send e-mails or otherwise initiate communications unless the recipient has expressed an interest in receiving them or has otherwise explicitly consented. Any communications we receive (whether by e-mail, post, or otherwise) are kept strictly confidential.


Disclosure of data to third parties

We do not disclose communications we receive to third parties, unless this is necessary to fulfill a request of the party that initiated the communication or a legal obligation. We always use our best efforts to minimize the amount and scope of any disclosure.


We do not collect data via our website. Our website may use cookies for managing your session, but not for any other purposes. We do no longer use Google Analytics. We do not have the intent to track or identify visitors, therefore we  no longer use the typical 'sharing buttons'.


Social Media

We may use social media and social networking services to advance our work. These applications require the use of third party service providers.


Changes to this policy

In the event that this policy is changed at any time, the date and nature of the change will be indicated.



If you have any questions, please contact us at

October 2014

Adapted April 2018 (removal of Google Analytics)

Adapted November 2018 (removal of sharing buttons)

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