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Law and Technology are two fields that are more and more interrelated. The interdisciplinary discussion is growing in the academic field, but also in the field of compliance and business management. However, do lawyers and other non-technical experts really understand the functioning of deep learning, differential privacy, neurotechnologies, synthetic data creation, real-time bidding, blockchain, etc.?

Notwithstanding the importance -and diverse effects- of new technologies in the everyday life of individuals and professionals, understanding their functioning is a real challenge for those persons that do not have a technical background.

Starting from the challenge to teach "Computer Science to lawyers and other folks", the Brussels Privacy Hub launches a series of Tech Talks: cutting-edge technologies explained by computer engineers and discussed by lawyers and policymakers from both sides of the Atlantic. The approach is both practical and academic.

In other words, this series of tech talks aims at filling the gap between legal and tech experts, by making technology more understandable for legal professionals, policymakers, regulators and academics. 

In each tech talk, hosted online by Prof. Gianclaudio Malgieri (EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, VUB), engineers from big tech companies, including Google, emerging startups and European bodies and agencies will present a technology. A legal discussant will then comment on the technology, challenging it from a privacy and data protection point of view. Much time is then dedicated to the Q&A with the audience in order to understand better the technicalities but also the social and legal implications of these cutting-edge technologies. 


​Important topics of discussion will be:

  • Differential privacy;
  • Federated Learning;
  • Synthetic data;
  • Secure Multi-Party Computing;
  • Neurotechnologies.

The Tech Talks are in media partnership with Privacy Laws & Business

The Tech Talks are organised with the participation of Google or other external partners (including innovative start-ups, etc.).   

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Past Webinars

#1 Differential Privacy

Date & Time: 15 March 2021 - Time: 16:30 -17:30 (Brussels Time)

Host: Gianclaudio Malgieri

Tech speaker:  Miguel Guevara (Product Manager at Google)


  • Deven Desai (Georgia Tech)
  • Rachel Cummings (Columbia University)
  • Ludmila Georgieva (Public Policy and Government Relations Manager at Google)

#2 Federated learning

Date & Time: 13 April 2021 - Time: 17:00 -18:15 (Brussels Time)


17:00-17:45 speakers

17:45-18:15 Q&A

Host: Gianclaudio Malgieri

Tech speaker: Alex Ingerman (Product manager at Google AI)



  • Yonina Eldar (Weizmann Institute of Science)

  • Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius (Radboud University)

  • Ludmila Georgieva (Google)

#3 Synthetic Data

Date & Time: 6 May 2021 - Time: 17:00 -18:30 (Brussels Time)

Host: Gianclaudio Malgieri

Tech speakers: 

  • Theresa Stadler  (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne ‐ EPFL)
  • Harry Keen (Hazy)


  • Dara Hallinan (VUB, FIZ Karlsruhe)

#4 Neurotechnologies

Date & Time: 31 May 2021 - Time: 17:00 -18:30 (Brussels Time)

Host: Gianclaudio Malgieri

Tech speaker: Ana Maiques (CEO at Neuroelectrics)

Discussant: Marcello Ienca (ETH Zurich, OECD)

#5 Secure Multi-Party Computing

Date & Time: 28 June 2021 - Time: 17:00 -18:30 (Brussels Time)

Host: Gianclaudio Malgieri

Tech speaker: Nirdhar Khazanie (Product Manager at Google)

Discussant: Alexandra Wood (Harvard University)


On Differential Privacy

    • Kobbi Nissim, Thomas Steinke, Alexandra Wood, Mark Bun, Marco Gaboardi, David R. O’Brien, and Salil Vadhan,

             Differential Privacy: A Primer for a Non-technical Audience

    On Federated Learning

    On Synthetic Data

    On Neurotechnologies

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