Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law 2021




Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law 2021 - International data flows: Moving challenges, new solutions?


The regulation of personal data transfers has been a prime concern for privacy and data protection law for decades, and is nowadays more important and challenging than ever. The follow-up to the ‘Schrems II’ judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union (EU) and the situation of the United Kingdom (UK) are just two examples of ongoing developments that demand attention and require in-depth study.


The Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law 2021 will focus on exploring international data flows. It will offer participants advanced insights on the applicable rules on data transfers in the EU, as well as knowledge on the newest developments in global privacy law in other regions.


The Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law 2021 will take place exclusively online, from Monday 21st June to Friday 25th June 2021. In the morning, participants will attend lectures by selected speakers including internationally recognised academics, policy-makers, data protection authorities, and civil society representatives. In the afternoon, they will engage in interactive sessions and team-based exercise allowing them to further connect regardless of their location.


Subjects covered will include:

  • The real world of global data flows;
  • EU mechanisms for data transfers: adequacy decisions, appropriate safeguards incl. standard contractual clauses, codes of conduct, etc.;

  • Post-Brexit data flows;
  • Convention 108+ and global convergence;
  • Cross-border access to data for law enforcement purposes.


The Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law builds on years of successful summer education events organised by the Brussels Privacy Hub (BPH), from the capital of Europe.

Summer Academy Organisers

Prof. Gloria González Fuster (Summer Academy co-ordinator)

Alessandra Calvi (Summer Academy assistant)

Further information? Please contact Alessandra Calvi

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