GDPR for SME Training

GDPR for SMEs Training

Two Day GDPR for SMEs Training Course


Offered by the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and the Brussels Laboratory for Data Protection and Privacy Impact

Assessments (d.pia.lab) in partnership with the Brussels Privacy Hub.


The training course is specifically tailored and targeted to people working at ‘digital’ small and medium enterprises

(SMEs) as well as other digital transformation professionals. The course will equip participants with the requisite

knowledge and skills to fulfill legal requirements stemming from the GDPR and related legal instruments, guidelines

and best practices.


Combining theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, this two-day course will train future DPOs to, among

others, ensure and monitor company’s legal compliance, manage personal data processing operations and corresponding

risks, handle data subjects’ access requests and maintain communication with a data protection authority (DPA). The

training will address a wide range of practical issues, from a drafting of a privacy policy to obtaining consent from data

subjects and managing customer database, to conducting a data protection impact assessment (DPIA).


*15 IAPP approved credits for data protection professionals are awarded for this course.


Registration & more information: Digital SME Alliance



  • 29-30 June 2018
  • 28-29 September 2018


Venue: Orega Business Centre, Rue du Commerce 123, 1000, Brussels




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