12 October 2017

Hub and Max Planck Institute Luxembourg hold joint conference on jurisdiction, conflicts of law, and data protection on the Internet.


On 12 October, the Brussels Privacy Hub and the Max Planck Institute for Procedural Law held a joint conference entitled “Jurisdiction, Conflicts of Law and Data Protection in Cyberspace” at the Institute’s headquarters in Luxembourg. The program of the conference included presentations by academics and experts from around the world, including Advocate General Saugmandsgaard Øe of the Court of Justice of the EU. There were nearly 100 people in attendance. The entire conference was filmed, and the video of it will be posted here shortly. A short written summary of the conference will also be posted.



29 September 2017

Les données numériques des migrants et des réfugiés.


Lina Jasmontaite will present the Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action at the workshop (programme) on Digital data, migrants and refugees, organized by the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Rennes University. During her contribution Lina will address some of the issues concerning the use of mobile devices and, in particular, mobile messaging apps by refugees and migrants.



22 September 2017

Hub Co-Director Christopher Kuner speaks at EU workshop on ePrivacy


On Friday 22 September, Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner spoke at an invitation-only workshop on e-privacy organised for the EU institutions by DG Connect of the European Commission. His presentation was entitled “The relevant rules of the ePrivacy Directive and different implementations”.


4 September 2017

Delegation from Chuo University in Tokyo visits the Hub


On 4 September 2017, the BPH welcomed a student delegation from Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan headed by former BPH Visiting Scholar Prof. Hiroshi Miyashita. The students were received on behalf of the Hub by Prof. Christopher Kuner, and a discussion was held about data protection law in the EU and Japan.


22 August 2017

Brussels Privacy Hub in Korea


Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner has given speeches at two events in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in August 2017. On 22 August, he spoke on “The Internet and the Global Reach of EU law” at a seminar in the Asia Pacific Law Forum Series held at the Seoul National University School of Law. And on 24 August he spoke in the opening panel of the international conference “Policy Issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Privacy” held at the Korea Press Center.



31 July 2017

New Working Paper: Does Technology Drive Law? The Dilemma Of Technological Exceptionalism In Cyberlaw


Prof. Meg Leta-Jones, BPH's most recent Visiting Scholar, is the author of the most recent addition to the BPH Working Paper Series. During her stay in Brussels

Prof. Leta-Jones presented her ongoing research both internally and externally. The working paper, Does Technology Drive Law? The Dilemma Of Technological Exceptionalism In Cyberlaw highlights some of these discussions and ongoing research conducted by Prof. Leta-Jones.


27 July 2017

New blog post: Data Protection, Data Transfers, and International Agreements: the CJEU’s Opinion 1/15


Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner has published an analysis of the EU Court of Justice’s Opinion 1/15 issued on 26 July on on the Verfassungsblog.


14 July 2017

New blog post: Creating International Frameworks for Data Protection: The ICRC/Brussels Privacy Hub Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action


Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner and Massimo Marelli, Head of the Data Protection Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), have just published in the EJIL: Talk! blog of the European Journal of International Law an analysis of the new handbook on data protection and humanitarian action published jointly by the Brussels Privacy Hub and ICRC.



12 July 2017

New blog post: “Third country law in the CJEU’s data protection judgments”


Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner has published a post dealing with the role of third country law in the data protection judgments of the Court of Justice of the EU in the European Law Blog.


11 July 2017

New Publication: Reality and Illusion in EU Data Transfer Regulation post Schrems


The co-director of the Brussels Privacy Hub, Prof. Christopher Kuner, has just published an article entitled “Reality and Illusion in EU Data Transfer Regulation post Schrems” in the current issue (volume 18, number 4) of the German Law Journal.


8 July 2017

Christopher Kuner presents at ICON-S Conference in Copenhagen


Christopher Kuner, co-director of the Hub, presented a paper entitled “Third country legal regimes and the CJEU” at the annual conference of the International Society of Public Law (ICON-S) in Copenhagen on 7 July.


30 June 2017

Brussels Privacy Hub (BPH) and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) jointly publish Handbook on Data Protection and Humanitarian Action


Following a two-year project, the BPH and ICRC have jointly published their Handbook on Data Protection and Humanitarian Action.

The Handbook was drafted following consultation with key stakeholders from the global data protection and international humanitarian communities, including humanitarian practitioners, data protection authorities, academics, NGOs, and experts on relevant topics, and with the direct participation of the Swiss Data Protection Authority, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the French-speaking Association of Data Protection Authorities (AFAPDP), and organisations such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and UN Global Pulse.


The Handbook addresses questions that arise in applying data protection to international humanitarian action, and is addressed to staff of international humanitarian organisations and NGOs who are involved in the processing of personal data, particularly those in charge of advising on and applying data protection standards. It is hoped that it may also prove useful to other parties, such as data protection authorities, private companies, and others involved in international humanitarian action.

The first part of the Handbook deals with basic principles of data protection and their application in the context of humanitarian action. This includes issues such as vulnerability of data subjects and implications on the identification of suitable legal bases for data processing, as well as the difficulties involved in working on the basis of clear-cut categories of sensitive data; emergencies and implications on the data protection rights of individuals; and data controllers' responsibilities such as data security, impact assessments, and accountability; and international data sharing.

The second part deals with the use of specific new technologies in the context of international humanitarian action. This includes data analytics and ‘Big Data'; drones and remote sensing; biometrics; cash transfer programming; cloud services; and mobile messaging apps. The Handbook also addresses the use of data protection impact assessments.


6 July 2017

Contribution to the International Exploratory Workshop on Data Ownership


Prof. Dr. Gloria González Fuster will contribute as invited expert to the International Exploratory Workshop on Data Ownership taking place from 6 to 8 July 2017 in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), organised by the Center for Information, Technology, Society and Law (ITSL) of Universität Zürich. The event brings together international experts to discuss the theoretical, practical and policy issues linked to the notion of data ownership.

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26 June 2017

BPH Welcomes Professor Meg Jones as Visiting Scholar


On 26 June, Brussels Privacy Hub is delighted to welcome as a Visiting Scholar, Professor Meg Jones. During her stay she will contribute to the Summer School present her research at a Lunchtime seminar: Article 22 and a Lack Thereof: A Comparative History and Future of a Right to a Human in the Loop and will meet with key privacy and data protection stakeholders from the European institutions in Brussels.

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9 June 2017

Christopher Kuner speaks at European Development Days Conference in Brussels


On 8 June, Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner spoke on a panel entitled "working with big data and innovative sources in Africa" at the European Development Days Conference organised by the European Commission in Brussels.

May 2017

Vacancy: PhD position on Data Ownership


BPH is currently advertisiting a vacancy for PhD research on data ownership. The applications should be related to the research topic: The Challenge of Personal Data Ownership: Privacy vs. Property. The deadline for applications is 30 June 2017 at 12.00 CET. Any queries should be addressed to

May 2017

Call for papers - AI Ethics: The Privacy Challenge


The 2017 Brussels Privacy Symposium will focus on AI Ethics: The Privacy Challenge. The call for papers is now available, encouraging researchers to submit interdisciplinary works in law and policy, computer science and engineering, social studies, and economics for publication in a special issue of IEEE Security & Privacy. Authors of selected submissions will be invited to present their work in a workshop, which will be hosted by the BPH on 6 November 2017, in Brussels, Belgium.

April 2017

New Working Paper: European Human Rights, Criminal Surveillance, and Intelligence Surveillance: Towards "Good Enough" Oversight, Preferably but not necessarily by Judges


A new BPH Working Paper is now available by Gianclaudio Malgieri and Prof De Hert, European Human Rights, Criminal Surveillance and Intelligence Surveillance: Towards "Good Enough" Oversight, Preferably but not Necessarily by Judges considers the development of caselaw related to surveillance by the European Curt of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice.

April 2017

Christopher Kuner publishes lectures on data protection in the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law


Christopher Kuner, co-director of the Brussels Privacy Hub, has published a course entitled "Data Protection Law and International Dispute Resolution” together with co-author Daniel Cooper in volume 382 of the Recueil des cours (the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law). This is based on the course that the two gave at the Hague Academy in the summer of 2015. The course is the first one ever published in the Collected Courses dealing specifically with data protection law. Since publication of the first volume in 1923, the Recueil des cours of the Hague Academy have become one of the most important sources of scholarship in private and public international law.

March 2017

BPH Summer School: Final programme now available


From 26-30 June 2017, BPH will be hosting the 2nd European Data Protection Law Summer School: The GDPR is Now! The final programme is now available, with a marked multi-stakeholder character, and amply opportunities for networking with the principal EU data protection institutions and actors in Brussels. Teaching staff will consist of leading academics in EU data protection law, public and private legal practitioners and representatives of key EU institutions such as the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).

March 2017

BPH partners with IAPP to provide DPO Training


BPH has partnered with IAPP to provide four day DPO Training focusing on Privacy Program Management and European Data Protection. The four day training will be offered on multiple occassions throughout 2017.

February 2017

BPH Workshop Summaries now available


Since March 2016, BPH has hosted a number of workshops that consider the practical implementation of the GDPR. Summaries of these workshops are now available.

February 2017

BPH Co-Director Christopher Kuner speaks at the European University Institute


On 27 February, Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner presented his paper “The Internet and the global reach of EU law” at a workshop at the European University Institute in Florence. The programme of the workshop is available here.

January 2017

BPH Panel on the Reform of the e-Privacy Directive at CPDP2017


The Hub organized a CPDP panel on reforming the e-Privacy Directive. Speakers discussed the review of the e-Privacy Directive, which is critical in view of the importance of the electronic communications industry in the EU and the declared Commission objective to enhance security and confidentiality of communications.

January 2017

Brussels Privacy Hub in collaboration with partners Lsec, Data protection institute Cranium and Deloitte, present the first CPDP Hands-on Training session


On the 25th and 27th of January during the CPDP conference the Brussels Privacy Hub introduced a short training program for hands-on experience with the DPIA and Privacy by Design. We gathered an extensive team of professionals from various backgrounds related to data protection, put them in a room with eager students and went to work. What followed was two days of interactive discussion, practical knowledge sharing and good old-fashioned team building. By all accounts, a great success!

January 2017

BPH & Privacy Salon launch CPDP 2017: Patterns, Profiling and PNR


On 24 January 2017, BPH hosted in partnerhsip with Privacy Salon, the Launch event of the 2017 edition of CPDP. The event entitled: Patterns, Profilingand PNR: The new PNR Directive and its implications consisdered the adoption of the EU Directive on the use of passenger name record (PNR) data for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of terrorist offences and serious crime in April 2016. The debate will address the concerns with regards to the implementation of this Directive and the general implications of the Directive for data protection and fundamental rights. The debate was moderated by Mr Willem De Beuckelaere (Belgian Privacy Commissioner) and included interventions from Ms Sophie in t Veld (MEP), Mr Marc Rotenberg (EPIC, US) and Ms Christiane Höhn (Council of the European Union). The evening was introduced by His Excellency, M. François Roux, Permanent Representative of Belgium to the EU. The event was supported by Privacy Camp and kindly hosted by the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the EU. The recording of the event is now available.


December 2016

New Working Paper Published: The Right to be Forgotten and Search Engine Liability


Following a stay as Visiting Scholar to BPH in July, Professor Hiroshi Miyashita has developed a Working Paper that aims to conduct a comparative study on the right to be forgotten by analyzing the different approaches on the intermediary liability.

November 2016

First Annual Brussels Privacy Symposium: a great success!


On 8 November 2016, in partnership with the Future of Privacy Forum, the Hub hosted the 1st Annual Brussels Privacy Symposium Identifiability: Policy and Practical Solutions for Anonymization and Pseudonymization. The one day workshop was a great success, with presentations from numerous speakers based on selected papers. The presentations and photos of the day are now available. The Hub looks forward to continuing this collaboration in 2017.

November 2016

Hub Co-Director gives keynote speech at Cyberspace conference, Brno, Czech Republic


On 25 November 2016 Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner gave a keynote speech on Internet regulation and the global reach of EU Data Protection law at the Cyberspace conference in Brno, Czech Republic. During the keynote, Prof. Kuner questioned the limits of the EU law and discussed the tensions arising from EU and its Member States shared competence to regulate matters related to the online environment. Prof. Kuner suggested that the EU aims at increasing its regulatory powers at the expense of the Member States. Prof. Kuner urged the EU to go beyond its legal obligations to promote EU values and consider that Internet governance is a decentralized endeavor in which different actors may have a say. The fourteenth edition of the international the Cyberspace conference was organized by the Masaryk University and the European Academy of Law and ICT. The program of the event is available here.


Other VUB-LSTS colleagues, including Prof. Paul Quinn, Dariusz Kloza and Raphaël Gellert, also presented at the event.

October 2016

Programme Now Available: Training Seminar Implementing the GDPR - Practical Challenges


On 1-2 December, the Hub will be hosting a training seminar that consider the practical challenges of the implementaiton of the GDPR, the programme is now available. The two-day programme will identify and focus on specific topics within theGDPR, and will attempt to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and guidance as to the practical challenges they will be faced with while dealing with them under the new regulatory environment.

October 2016

Hub Co-Director Christopher Kuner speaks at Trinity College Dublin


On 6 October, Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner gave a speech at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland entitled “Reality and illusion in EU data transfer regulation post Schrems”. The speech was part of the ADAPT Public Lectures in Ethics and Privacy organised by Trinity College. Further information can be found here.

October 2016

New Working Paper: Structure and Enforcement of Data Privacy Law in South Korea


Following a stay as Visiting Scholar to BPH in July, Professor Haksoo Ko has developed a Working Paper that considers the rapid evolution of Data Privacy Law in South Korea despite a relevant short history of relevant legislation and enforcement. During his stay at Brussels, Prof. Ko presented at a EU- Korea Data Protection Seminar sponsored by Samsung and and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union. A recording of the Seminar is now available.

October 2016

Christopher Kuner & Mireille Hildebrandt give presentations at closed session of 38th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, Marrakesh


On 17 October 2016 Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner and Professor Mireille Hildebrandt presented at closed panel sessions of the 38th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Marrakesh, Morocco. Christopher Kuner was a speaker in the closed session on Encryption and Mireille Hildebrandt spoke at the closed session on AI and Robotics. The program of the closed session is available here.